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Sharp and the Environment

Sharp is very passionate about environmental conservation. Their environmentally friendly LCD television manufacturing facility in Kameyama, Japan, features one of the world’s largest roof-mounted solar systems. Their appliances and business products are among the industry’s most energy efficient. Sharp has long been a world leader in solar cell production. Furthermore, all Sharp factories are working to eliminate waste and greenhouse gases, and achieve other environmental targets in 21 key areas.  

Toner Recycling

The Sharp Copier Toner Recycling Program allows both business and government customers to recycle toner cartridges from all Sharp MFP models, conveniently and free of cost. Users can download pre-paid, pre-addressed UPS shipping labels and receive free bulk shipping cartons with which to ship out used toner cartridges to one of several recycling centers nationwide. This time- and cost-saving process will encourage customers to recycle all toner cartridges and will help them reduce their environmental impact.
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Saving Energy. Saving Resources. Maximizing Recycling. Minimizing Hazardous Materials.

That’s the Sharp commitment to the environment.